About Pain

“PAIN” is a book on political science and civil rights has published from Xlibris Corporation publication, USA. This book contains on Bangladesh history, culture and moreover its independence, pre and past-liberation period, the politics of military governments and the political parties.
Along with these, Jahangir Alam Akash has written some articles on Germany, Austria in European perspectives. He has discussed the social aspects, human-rights, democracy, environment-nature and present situations with reference to and examples from these two countries. But the main theme is his country and what he has written about Bangladesh, it is from his long experiences as an active journalist, free-thinker and human-right-defender which are the backgrounds of his exile life since 2009 in Europe. The writer of this book is the editor of “Euro Bangla”. Anyone can buy it from internet. We would like to share the online links for “PAIN”. Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Pain-Jahangir-Alam-Akash/dp/1456858025

Author’s cover bio: The thoughts for the society haunts him always. He sees man above religion and color. In favor of the people, truth, justice and with the professional mentality for social welfare, he has grown up. Akash is a professional and non communal Journalist with a mind of free thoughts. To clean the society garbage and darkness, he himself was compelled to get out of the country. Though in exile, he thinks and feels for his motherland all the moments. This exiled Journalist, in each write up has told us about peace, harmony in his motherland and in the world.


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